This Sparkling Unicorn was stitched by Angela Rabbetts for her Granddaughter's 4th birthday - it looks fabulous and I know her granddaughter is going to love it.
Another beautiful finish by Wanda Lenz. Can't wait to see what she does next!

Angel at Christmas stitched by Karen Ross.

This is the first time I have seen this design stitched and it looks beautiful!

This version of the Highland Cow was stitched by Wanda Lenz, I love the colour combination she has chosen to stitch it in!

I do love seeing what customers add to the original, I like to think that the design is just a starting point.

Annie Coles stitched this version of Elements in Blackwork - Fire. She saw Sunflowers in the design and stitched it for a friend who loves them.
The elephant and calf in subtle shades of blue and grey is so pretty. This version of the design was stitched by Sharon Silk.
Another finish for Sharon Silk, this is our smaller Brown Owl.
I designed this cross stitch kit for Pete Wilkes to stitch in early 2020 and look at how beautiful it looks now it has been stitched! This was a large piece, measuring approx 28 x 30 inches. I think it looks fantastic!
Liz Hall-Turner made this fab version of the Dragons & Beanstalks quilted board after seeing it at The Stitch Festival 2022.
This design was created for Therese Fenn to stitch for her Grandmothers fire screen. It is a mix of the Dragon Backgammon design with the chessboard centre. How beautiful is this!
This Fantastic quilt from Sue Surfleet has one of the DoodleCraft quilt panels at it's centre. The illusion of the squares works really well.
Carllie Fox from Toronto stitched this beautiful version of Elements in Blackwork - Earth.
Stacey Claus has taken the Claddagh design and personalised it for a friend who is retiring from nursing, I love seeing these designs tweaked for special reasons!
This beautiful stitched Multi Dragon Chessboard has been sent in by Amber Mackmurdie.
I loved working on designing this for Kay and it looks stunning now it has been stitched!
Elements in Blackwork - Fire stitched on 14 count with purple variegated thread by my sister Sarah 15/8/20
This is our Botanic Chessboard stitched by Caz Lawrence, Caz has added her own twist with beads and different colours. I love seeing these finished pieces and the small changes have made it personal and unique.
Botanic Chessboard stitched by Caz Lawrence and customised by her with beads.
Botanic Chessboard stitched by Caz Lawrence and customised by her with beads.
This version of Dragons & Beanstalks was stitched by Caz Lawrence, don't they look great in her choice of colours! I can't wait to see what she does next!
Susan Hollings stitched the 'Le Chat Noir' kit for her daughter, Rosie, because it looks so much like Rosie's cat (known as the cat from hell as he's so grumpy!)
Here is a version of the Blackwork Clock stitched by Lynn Hendry in red and framed in white.
This version of Snakes & Ladders has been stitched by Jo Carter, Jo has chosen her own colour scheme which looks great!
Another finished project from Hilary Carey, this is our daisy design.
Here Hilary Carey has stitched our Bee design onto a denim skirt.
Hilary Carey uses some of our smaller designs for embellishing clothing, here is our ladybird stitched onto the pocket of a dress.
Here is a beautifully stitched Blue Dragon Chessboard stitched by Judy Hart.
This beautiful Snakes & Ladders was stitched by Pam Harris, she says it's quite an achievement for an 86 year old! I say it's fantastic Pam!
This beautiful Hneftafl Board was stitched by Alisa Duncan who had some wooden playing pieces made to finish off the kit.

I worked on this commission of Molly for Fiona Barlow. I took a couple of photos that Fiona provided and merged them into  the chart she was looking for. This is the final stitched version and you'll agree its stunning!


I created three designs of Jack Russells for Marilyn Hicks who wanted to stitch them as a gift for a friend, Marilyn is the fastest stitcher I know and had them finished in no time!