We buy all our regular thread colours directly from DMC on cones, if the design you have chosen requires full skeins, and the colour is one of our regular colours, you will
receive a full skein which will have been measured in 14inch/35cm thread lengths from a cone and does not have the DMC bands. Please be assured this is still DMC.

We have calculated that there are 20 thread lengths in a skein where a thread length is approx. 14 inches/35cm; this is shown in the ‘Threads’ column of the key.  As an example, if you see 1 Skein + 10 threads this would mean one and a half skeins.

By supplying the threads in this way we are also able to keep the cost of our kits down as much as possible by only providing enough thread (plus a little bit extra) as is needed for the design.