To make the clock you will need:

  • An 8 x 8 inch Box picture frame (or relevant size for design)
  • Clock mechanism and hands
  • Drill
  • Sharp scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Optional Card backing
  1.  The ‘Box’ frame comes in 4 pieces; the frame itself, a piece of glass or Perspex, a spacer and the backboard.

  2. If you are going to hang the clock on the wall, remove the stand flap from the back of the backboard of the picture frame. This doesn’t need to be removed if you want the option to have the clock standing, but leaving it on does make the process a bit fiddlier.

  3. Find the centre of the backboard. This can be done by drawing a line from corner to corner and taking the place where the lines cross as the centre. Alternatively, you can measure 4cm in from the top and the side.

  4. Now drill a hole in the centre of the backboard big enough for the protrusion of the clock mechanism to fit through.
  1. Insert clock mechanism protrusion into the hole you have drilled in the backboard.

  2. In the centre of your stitched design there has been a blank space left big enough to take the clock mechanism. Cut a small hole here
  3. These are the parts of the clock hands. The ones you have chosen may differ slightly in colour and design (please note that you do not need to use the gold washer).
  4. Position the stitched design with the small hole in the centre of the clock over the protrusion of the clock mechanism.

  5. Screw the nut onto the protrusion of the clock mechanism to secure the design to the clock mechanism and backboard.

  6. Stretch the Aida fabric around the backboard and secure tightly at the back with the double-sided tape. Please note the fabric needs to be stretched tight to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the hands as they move round.

  7. Add the hour hand onto the protrusion of the clock mechanism and gently push until it finds its size limit. Add the minute hand and finally the second hand in the same way. Depending on the clock hands they may need to be trimmed to fit the box frame – this can be done with scissors easily.

  8. Take the ‘Box’ frame and put the glass into it. Add the spacer and then the backboard fitting into the grooves of the frame.

  9. You may like to finish off the back with a piece of card cut in the middle to fit around the clock mechanism.