We can take any photo's, images or ideas and create a chart for you.

Before you place your order have a look at our notes for 'getting the detail right'

A £10 deposit is required which is taken off the final cost of the kit if you go ahead with the order. Click here to pay your deposit.


What to do:

1. When you click through to the deposit page use the 'Click here to Upload Image' button and select the image file/s. (Please note we only accept .jpg or .png files) There is a minimum quantity of 1 image and a maximum of 5. 

2. Now add any text you would like added to your design.

3. Add the Customisation deposit item to your basket and make payment of the deposit.

What happens next:

1. I will review the requirements and e-mail you a quote for the work  and an indication of timescales.The cost of the finished kit will depend on the amount of work required to create the design, for example a design where the work required is to create a chart exactly the same as the image will be cheaper than one where the background is to be removed.

2. If amendments are required to the initial simulation you should e-mail me back with details and I will create a new simulation, please note that the quote may change if there are significant updates to the design along the way.

(We want you to be happy with your finished design so there is no restriction to the number of times we provide updates, although if this were to exceed 10 an additional charge may be applied)

3. Once you are happy with the design I will e-mail you a confirmed price for a full kit and a chart-only kit. Please note that the Full Kit price cannot be provided until you are happy with the final design as the amount of materials may differ if any changes are made.

4. Once you confirm which type of kit you require I will provide you with a link to make payment.

5. Once payment has been received I will dispatch your chosen kit to you.

 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT US either by e-mail to contactus@doodlecraftdesign.co.uk or call us on 01333 429597, if we're not available please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.