Tent stitch is used in all the DoodleCraft Design Tapestry/Needlepoint kits.

It is a small, diagonal stitch that crosses over the intersection of one horizontal (weft) and one vertical (warp) thread of the canvas forming a slanted stitch at a 45-degree angle. It is also known as Needlepoint stitch and is one of the most basic and versatile stitches used in Needlepoint and other Canvas work embroidery.

There are three Tent Stitch variants but the DoodleCraft designs use only Continental Tent Stitch.

  1. Follow the direction of the arrows in the diagram above, bringing your needle up at position 1 and taking it back down through the canvas in the direction of the arrow. Bring the needle back up at position 2 and back down through the canvas in the direction of arrow 2.
  2. The second row of stitches flow in the opposite direction and the third row flow the same way as the first.
  3. Use this technique for all stitches throughout your design.
  4. Now follow the chart working the stitches in this way for each number of squares with the same symbol/colour.