You will need:

  • 16 x 16 inch (40 x 40cm) stretched canvas
  • Fabric Glue Spray
  • Double sided tape
  • Pointer and connectors (included in the Kit)

Mounting the Face

  1. Press your stitched design so that it is flat and crease free.

  2. Centre the stitched clock design onto the stretched canvas and mark the canvas at the centre this is where a few stitches have been missed out in the design and this will be where the pointer will be positioned.


  1. Turn the stitched design over and spray the back with Fabric Glue Spray following the guidelines on the spray can, then centre it onto the stretched canvas with the centre of the design matched to the centre of the canvas. Make sure that the design is pulled flat against the canvas.

  2. Wrap the aida remaining at the edges around the edge of the canvas frame cutting and folding the aida at the corners to create a clean edge.


Adding the Pointer

  1. Using a sharp craft blade cut a small hole through the centre of the design where there is no stitching and through the canvas.

  2. Take the bolt provided and push on one of the washers (a), now push the bolt through the hole in the wooden pointer provided (b).


  1. Screw one of the nuts onto the bolt and tighten until it reaches the wooden pointer (c).



  1. Now add the other washer to the bolt (d).


  1. Push the bolt through the hole you have made in your stitched design and secure at the back with the final nut, don’t tighten the nut too far or the clock hand will not move.

  2. We have deliberately left the clock hand with a square edge so it is not dangerous for small children but if you wanted a tapered hand then you can shape the pointer with a sharp craft knife.