Metallic Threads - love them or hate them?

Debbie Harding

I used to avoid stitching with metallic threads until I started designing for myself, now I use them to embellish a lot of my designs and they make such a difference.

My favourites are Kreinik threads and I usually use the Kreinik Cord and Very Fine (#4) Braid. The Cord is great for adding fine work and looks particularly good when stitched as  Blackwork as I have done in the background of the numbers of my Advent Clock as shown below. I also use it for the wings of my bees to give a lighter texture and define the wings.

The Very Fine (#4) Braid is great where a more solid finish is required and I use this when I'm adding jewels or metalwork to a design, for example on the sword in some of my Dragon designs.

example using
Kreinik Cord for
background of


example using
Very Fine (#4) Braid
for the sword and

Whenever I'm stitching with metallic threads I only use short lengths as I find its easier to manage and I also leave stitching the metallic elements until I know I have time with few interruptions and can concentrate on what I'm doing.      

Love them or hate them, you have to admit that metallic threads add a new dimension to any stitching project.