If you want to show off your stitched Games Board to advantage why not use one of these beautiful hand crafted boards. Constructed of solid Oak and Birch plywood they are exactly the right size for our 40 x 40cm designs.

We don't supply glass with these boards due to postage restrictions but you could get a piece of glass cut which would sit on top of the stitching inside the aperture and protect your stitching while playing.

If you have stitched one of our larger boards and are looking for the same type of frame please contact us and we can order a frame in the right size.

Please Note: There is a shipping cost associated with ordering this item.


  • Overall Size = 46 x 46cm
  • Internal Aperture = 40 x 40cm
  • Weight = 920g

Boards handcrafted by D Taylor Woodworking, Dundee